Lessons Learned, Opportunities Sought: Looking forward to 2021 in CRE

January 19, 20212 min read
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2020 has been a real adventure for investors around the globe, and the opportunities that are appearing with the new year are looking promising. On today’s episode of The Yield, Investor Relationship Associate Isabella Godfrey is joined by Senior Director of Real Estate Mitch Rosen, Senior Real Estate Investment Associate Adil Hasan, and Real Estate Investment Associate Christophe Van to discuss investment deals and lessons learned from 2020, as well as a look ahead to the opportunities for commercial real estate in 2021.

Key Takeaways:

[4:05] Lessons learned in 2020, including the importance of utilizing leverage to help amplify returns and the relative risk of various asset classes within CRE.

[8:10] Details regarding deals that were paid in full in 2020.

[9:23] New opportunities that have recently launched on the platform.

[10:59] How has Yieldstreet been able to successfully modify loans to achieve desired results for investors?

[16:20] Additional considerations to help maximize the ideal results for loans that have defaulted.

[18:55] What are some of the potentially most promising CRE asset classes that will be available in 2021?

[23:40] Considerations that will affect Yieldstreet’s upcoming focus within CRE.

[26:45] Commercial warehouse and the appeal of industrial CRE.

[27:43] Possible multi-family investment opportunities moving forward and the value of investing in city living.

[31:33] What opportunities are appearing within the single-family rental space?

[33:03] What new real estate products and equity deals are coming down the Yieldstreet pipeline?

[35:35] How can investors work on achieving diversification of their investments with Yieldstreet.

[36:34] What should investors be aware of and on the lookout for in 2021?

[40:27] The overarching goals that drive every investment opportunity at Yieldstreet.

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