If You Like It, Buy It

April 21, 20212 min read
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The art market has experienced a rapid evolution of innovations during the pandemic that is likely here to stay. Today Noah Kupferman, Director of Business Development, hosts Tony Karman, President/Director, EXPO Chicago, for a discussion about the current state of the art market, the resilience of art fairs, and how galleries are surviving and thriving in this environment.

Key Takeaways:

[2:21] The current state of the private sales side of the art market, including art fairs, in the wake of the pandemic.

[5:00] An overview of the successful first online edition of EXPO Chicago.

[9:05] Is bigger really better? Tony reflects on recent growth and pandemic-induced adjustments of art fairs.

[12:47] The enabling details of PPP loans and sales numbers of the average priced pieces that have kept every level of the art market thriving.

[20:37] Trends in the art market show that resiliency and relationships are key to survival.

[23:33] How collectors are utilizing the digital format to stay engaged with the art market.

[28:15] Successfully partnering the digital format with the in-person art experience.

[31:53] What were the noticeable sales trends from this year’s online fair?

[34:30] What indications do these trends give about where the market is headed?

[36:20] The accessibility impact of blended in-person and digital sales in the art market.

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