Helping Clients Determine Risks in Alternative Investments

May 2, 20171 min read
Helping Clients Determine Risks in Alternative Investments
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Alternative investments constitute a growing $7 trillion industry, and more than 10,000 hedge funds have money in alternative platforms. Yet most retail investors are just learning about these lucrative asset classes.

That may change soon. Michael Piwowar, acting U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chairman, recently proposed eliminating the “accredited investor” distinction, which he believes puts at a disadvantage the smaller investors the commission is supposed to protect. If the change goes through, it would expose a much larger group of investors to alternatives.

If more people gain access to investments they were previously ineligible for, your clients will need help to understand how risk varies among opportunities. As you explore new and ever-expanding options with them, remember that one of the keys to their success with alternatives lies in differentiating between perceived and actual risks.

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