Yieldstreet Wallet: Earn 3.25% APY with up to $1M in FDIC insurance

May 25, 20232 min read
Yieldstreet Wallet: Earn 3.25% APY with up to $1M in FDIC insurance
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Seeking an alternative to the low rates and promotional gimmicks offered by most major banks?

Meet Yieldstreet Wallet, an FDIC-insured deposit account designed to maximize your savings with an extra level of security. No frills — just a high APY and up to $1M in FDIC insurance. 

We know optimizing your short-term cash is a key component of an overall wealth plan, so we partnered with Evolve Bank & Trust to provide an ideal home for your savings. Best of all, your Wallet lives in your Yieldstreet dashboard, so no extra setup is required. 

Benefits of the Yieldstreet Wallet

  • Flat 3.25% APY — 8x the national average1
  • Up to $1M in FDIC insurance — 4x the standard coverage 
  • Unlimited electronic transfers to and from most major banks
  • No fees or minimum balance requirements

How it works 

When you create an individual account on Yieldstreet, we automatically open a Wallet on your behalf. 

Making a deposit from your Yieldstreet dashboard is easy. We offer simple electronic ACH transfers from most major banks. 

In addition to depositing cash to grow in your Wallet, proceeds and principal from Yieldstreet investments are automatically deposited into your Wallet for most accounts.  

How does the increased FDIC Insurance work? 

Keeping your money safe is our top priority.

Your first $250K in Yieldstreet Wallet deposits are held at Evolve and insured by the standard FDIC coverage.

Deposits between $250,001 and $1M are automatically spread across different FDIC-insured Evolve Priority Banks that help ensure your deposits are always covered up to the maximum amount. 

You can access all of your deposits from your Yieldstreet Wallet — no need to create individual accounts with Evolve Priority Banks. 

View a list of Evolve Priority Banks

1. Source: FDIC. As of May 21, 2023.

Yieldstreet is a financial technology company, not a Bank. Banking Services provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC

Under certain circumstances, the full $1M of FDIC coverage may not be guaranteed. Some examples include:

  • A user opts out of program banks
  • A user independently banks or maintains funds at a program bank

Please see your Yieldstreet Wallet terms for additional information.