Commercial Real Estate: Equity Inauguration

February 17, 20212 min read
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In today’s episode, Yieldstreet’s Commercial Real Estate team covers a plethora of topics, including a deep dive into equity. Melanie Alese, Investor Relations Lead at Yieldstreet, hosts Senior Director Mitch Rosen, Senior Associate Adil Hasan, and Real Estate Investments Associate Christophe Van for a discussion about the current state of residential and commercial real estate offerings heading into 2021, equity, and details of some of Yieldstreet’s newest offerings.

Key Takeaways:

[2:11] Commercial real estate takeaways from the CREFC-2021 conference.

[6:14] A look at the real estate industry from a macro-economic and policy perspective.

[8:54] Key data about residential and commercial rental properties.

[12:19] Flexibility that comes with investing with Yieldstreet.

[13:40] Details about current real estate offerings.

[15:21] Commercial real estate considerations when returning to in-person office space.

[18:17] Multi-family development preferred equity investment opportunity and other real estate offerings.

[20:38] What are the main differences between different types of real estate in the context of equity investments?

[22:55] Why is Yieldstreet looking at equity as an opportunity for investors? 

[25:02] Types of equity deals that Yieldstreet is exploring in 2021.

[27:20] Expected minimums for pref-equity offerings. 

[28:50] Will returns be based on annualized interest rates? 

[30:05] Additional information about minimum investments. 

[31:15] Yieldstreet IRAs, CRE equity deals and tax implications.

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