PHOTOS: Bloomberg + Yieldstreet – Wealth in 2100

June 26, 20181 min read
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A discussion about the future of wealth creation

It’s clear the current systems and products available for wealth creation are broken. More people buy coffee than stocks, and those who do participate in market investments have a hard time getting ahead and generating true wealth. There is little differentiation in existing products, with too much volatility and not enough education. If we tore down what exists today – what would the ideal portfolio look like? What products and services should everyone have access to as part of their financial health? What law or regulatory systems need to change? Bloomberg and YieldStreet co-hosted an intimate and invitation-only symposium to tackle these big issues around the future of wealth creation. Attendees included influencers and experts from personal finance, technology, academia, and the media. The event was moderated by Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg Businessweek, Joel Weber.

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