Art Finance: Strength, Resilience & the Road Ahead

January 19, 20212 min read
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Join the Yieldstreet x Athena Art Finance team as they take a deep dive into the 2020 art business market and the year ahead. Giovanna Quattrone, Art Research & Valuation Specialist, and Cynthia Sachs, MD/CIO of Art Finance, will discuss where Art Finance has been and where it is headed in the new year. The team will touch on the changes the art world has experienced and the lasting impact on investor behavior in relation to alternatives investments, namely art.

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] The financial effect of the pandemic on Yieldstreet Art Finance and its loan portfolio.

[6:04] What changes have art businesses been forced to make over the last several months and what are the subsequent positive results? 

[7:48] The role that market volatility and increased technology accessibility have played in the increased interest in art investments. 

[10:36] What effect has this increased art market activity had on valuations and inflation?

[13:58] The information that Athena uses to inform the valuation aspect of its underwriting process. 

[17:20] Understanding the external work that is done prior to determining valuation. 

[20:00] The scale and variety of the network of appraisers used by the Yieldstreet x Athena Art Finance team.

[21:47] Informing the methodology of appraising and its benefit to investors. 

[23:38] The process of putting a lien on artwork that will be put in a collateral pool. 

[25:30] What separates Athena Art Finance from its competitors in the art lending space? 

[28:40] Title insurance in the art market how it affects art investment offerings at Athena.

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