2023 Private Market Outlook: Strength amid uncertainty

February 3, 20231 min read
2023 Private Market Outlook: Strength amid uncertainty
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2022 marked one of the most volatile and worst performing years for public market investors. The historic drawdown was fueled by investors’ fears of an upcoming recession driven by inflation levels not seen since the 1980s, the Fed’s hawkish monetary policy decisions, growth concerns, and increased geopolitical tensions. 

Amid these challenges, investors saw the benefits of private markets shine through. Long coveted by institutions, the diversification and drawdown protection advantages of alternative assets in individual portfolios are becoming more important than ever. As public markets continue to waiver, we believe private markets are poised to take advantage of dislocation. 

To help you plan for the year ahead, we have distilled the top trends our investment teams are seeing in each of our asset classes. Read on to explore our thinking for 2023.

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