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Diversified exposure

Access major commercial assets across debt and equity, property types, and geographies.

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Target appreciation as properties are sold, as well as quarterly income from rent payments.

Experienced manager

Yieldstreet has raised more than $900M across 117 real estate debt and equity investments.

The leading private market investing platform

There’s so much more to Yieldstreet than real estate. Founded in 2015, we unlock access to a wide range of private market alternative investments.




asset classes


Source: Yieldstreet. From April 1, 2015 to July 31, 2023.

Private market investments aligned to your objectives

We offer investments across term and return profiles, all at accessible minimums.

Institutional due diligence standards

All assets are vetted by internal and external investment professionals. We are highly selective; less than 10% of assets evaluated are approved.

A track record of strong historical returns

The vast majority of our 315+ matured investments have performed on target or better. Our average accredited investor has made 8+ investments.

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1. View all Free REIT Shares terms and conditions

2. Source: KKR survey of high-net-worth individuals. As of 2020.

3. Source: Yieldstreet, Cambridge, NCREIF, S&P, Bloomberg, as of 3/31/23.

The Stock and Bond portfolio is a composite index comprised of 60% Stocks (S&P 500 Index) / 40% Bonds (Bloomberg US Aggregate Index).

The Stock, Bond, Private Market portfolio is 12% Private Equity (Cambridge PE Buyout Index) / 9% Private Credit (Cambridge Direct Lending Index) / 9% Real Estate (NCREIF Property Index) / 45% Stocks (S&P 500 Index) / 25% Bonds (Bloomberg US Aggregate Index).

The financial indices referenced above are provided for informational purposes only. Factors affecting portfolio performance that do not affect index performance may include portfolio rebalancing, the timing of cash flows, credit quality, diversification and differences in volatility. In addition, financial indices do not reflect the impact of fees, applicable taxes or trading costs which reduce returns. Unless otherwise noted, financial indices assume reinvestment of dividends. All indices are unmanaged. You cannot make a direct investment in an index. The statistical data regarding such indices has not been independently verified by Yieldstreet.

4. Source: Yieldstreet. As of July 31, 2023. Target and Realized Net Annualized Returns are calculated using the weighted average of each matured offering. Where targets were expressed as a range, the midpoint has been used. Realized and Target Net Annualized returns are calculated using an internal rate of return (IRR) calculation and only considers management fees and does not consider any additional account-level fees or expenses. Offerings Performed (%) means the percent of offerings that have performed in each category and is calculated by dividing the the number of matured offerings in the relevant category that have performed within 0.5% of their targeted return, or better, by all offerings in the relevant category that have matured. Numbers presented are rounded to the nearest decimal.