Private Market Investing 101, with Kal Penn

More diversified doesn’t have to mean more complicated. Explore how you can unlock the potential of private markets on Yieldstreet.

Kal Penn is (expected to be) an investor in Yieldstreet offerings and was compensated to participate in this ad. More on conflicts of interest here.

Alternative investments, explained

Alternatives are considered any investment products outside of traditional stocks, bonds, and ETFs. Once you start looking beyond the public markets, an exciting new world awaits you.

Unlocking private markets for everyone

Before Yieldstreet, private market investing historically required lofty investment minimums and friends in high places just to get access. But with those days behind us, diversification is just a few clicks away.

Getting started with alternative investing

Watching the bottom performers in your investment portfolio is maddening, but what if you could swap them out for something different on Yieldstreet?

Get the recommended 15-30% allocation to alternatives and evolve your wealth with Yieldstreet.


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Evolve your wealth

Diversify and discover potential returns outside the stock market.