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29 months

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Accepting $10,000 - $250,000 investments



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Aug 23, 2021


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Important Notes

Learn more about supply chain financing programs here.

This investment is an opportunity to invest in the same supply chain financing program with the same global distributor offered to investors in the SCF II series, which have either fully repaid or continue to perform in line with expectations.


Please refer the Series Note Supplement for more details about this offering.

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Experienced distributor
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  • The distributor supplies containerboard and tissue to a variety of domestic and international customers in five regions of the world: North America, South America, Italy, Spain, and Hong Kong. The distributor also supplies lumber and related building products, primarily in the United States, for the construction of multi-family homes.

    The management team has a proven track record of growing revenue and generating operating cash flow sufficient to service debts and trade payments. The distributor has been in business for decades and has built and sustained growing, long-term relationships with customers and suppliers around the globe.

  • The distributor has provided an IPU that obligates them to pay in full on the maturity date of August 23, 2021. To ensure that there is adequate cash flow to make payments as they come due, the distributor has purchased credit insurance for their receivables from an internationally recognized credit insurance agency rated A by A.M. Best. In addition, they have a nine-figure working capital revolving credit facility with a regional bank.

  • Since the pandemic began, demand for cardboard, paper and lumber products has increased. Restaurants are now using much more paper in an attempt to cater to the growing number of take-out orders they receive. Consumers are buying more goods online and are having them shipped to their homes, generating the need for more boxes. Homeowners are now spending more time at home, which has led to an increase in renovation projects, increasing the need for lumber and building-related materials. People are also leaving dense cities for the suburbs, as such, construction of multi-family homes has spiked.

    The distributor has many customers with growing needs for product in the transportation of produce, packaging supplies and the construction industry. The distributor is benefiting from the current increase in demand across all of these industries both domestically and internationally.

  • All invoices that are part of this supply chain financing were approved by the distributor and reviewed by Raistone.

  • Raistone Capital is a market-leading provider of accounts receivable financing, helping companies manage their cash conversion cycle and providing them with much needed liquidity to grow and thrive. The collective expertise of Raistone’s accomplished leadership team is made up of industry veterans hailing from the world’s largest trade finance institutions, amounting to over $500B of receivable assets purchased and 150 supply chain finance programs created over the last 15 years. The firm’s industry experience and cloud-based technology is combined with its extremely prudent, market-tested credit underwriting.


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