Marine Finance Vessel Acquisition I

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  • YieldStreet purchased the associated Vessels to be leased by a European ship management company (“Ship Management Company” or “Lessee”). The purchase of the first vessel (“Vessel A”) occurred on April 27, 2018 and the purchase of the second vessel (“Vessel B”) is scheduled for April 30, 2018. The Ship Management Company recently secured one-year time charters for both Vessel A and B that are projected to generate income in excess of the amounts required to service the monthly lease (“Lease”) payments and vessel operating expenses. A time charter, typically 1-3 years, is essentially a contract for a period in which the Vessels earn a fixed daily rate while transporting goods for the same customer.

  • The principal of the Ship Management Company has 50 years of experience in the shipping industry. It will operate the Vessels through the duration of the Leases. Over each Lease term, the Ship Management Company has a purchase option to purchase the Vessel from YieldStreet for the purchase price of the Vessel plus any unpaid Lease payments. At each Lease maturity, the Ship Management Company is obligated to purchase the Vessel from YieldStreet for the purchase price of the Vessel plus any unpaid Lease payments.

  • While most YieldStreet offerings are loans, YieldStreet structured this offering to purchase the Vessels and lease them to the Ship Management Company. This not only creates defined monthly lease payments, but also provides YieldStreet an ownership interest in the Vessels, providing immediate rights to sell the Vessels if necessary.

    YieldStreet has purchased a Residual Value Insurance policy (“RVI”) for $18.1M or 100% of the capital provided by YieldStreet. An RVI policy gives the owner of a vessel downside protection by guaranteeing the value of a vessel assuming all conditions of the insurance policy are met. At the end of the policy, if the market value sale price for the vessel is below the insured amount, the insurer would purchase the vessel for the insured amount. To learn more about RVI, please review our article.

  • The target interest rate to be paid to investors is 8.0%, and the original source of such payments are the monthly lease payments over the Leases’ term of 36 months. The monthly lease payments will be made via the cashflow generated by the secured time charters on the Vessels.

  • The repayment of principal for the Vessels’ purchase is based on three potential exit scenarios; 1.) Unlike other assets, the value of a vessel can appreciate in certain market conditions. If the market value of the Vessels has increased through the duration of the Lease, it is likely that the Ship Management Company will exercise their purchase option prior to the maturity of the Lease. If the market value of the Vessels decreased through the duration of the Lease, it is likely that at the Lease maturity the Ship Management Company will either 2.) be obligated to purchase the Vessels, or 3.) The RVI policy will be exercised purchasing the Vessels outright at the insured value.\n

  • This transaction allows for the purchase of additional vessels not to exceed $40.0M of total capital provided by YieldStreet. The Ship Management Company has currently identified and is in the process of acquiring approval to include a third vessel in the transaction, in the same structure including an RVI policy for that vessel. This would be made available on the YieldStreet platform as a second tranche of this offering. The timing of the additional vessel is expected to materialize in the next 30 days but is uncertain until final. As such, YieldStreet investors should only consider the two existing Vessels when making an investment decision. All additional Vessels to be purchased and included in this transaction are subject to Originator and YieldStreet approval and are expected to be similar to the existing Vessels. All vessels, regardless of when your investment is made will be part of the offering and cross collateralized with each other. For important details on this opportunity, please download the Series Note Supplement, and review the information provided on this offering summary page.

Important Investor note

This offering is being made utilizing a Borrower Payment Dependent Note (BPDN) structure, with the benefits of lower minimum investments. For additional detail please see our FAQ.

You can also review our Marine Finance Announcement and Overview Video.


Please refer the Series Note Supplement in the Resources section for more details about this offering.

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