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Accepting $10,000 - $500,000 investments


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Desirable location
Market dynamics
Job demand drivers
Experienced local sponsor
  • The greater Dallas-Fort Worth area has experienced significant increases in both population and job growth, making it one of the most desirable places to live in Texas. The property itself is located equidistant to both Dallas and Fort Worth CBDs, while still offering discounted living and a 25-30 minute commute to downtown Dallas.

  • The submarket where the property is located has performed well throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with stable leasing activity, rent growth, and investment. The lack of new development within the submarket during the early 2000’s has led to housing shortages, enabling owners to push rental rates higher while keeping vacancy rates below the Dallas-Fort Worth average. Rent prices still remain lower than the average rent in the broader Dallas-Fort Worth MSA, also contributing to higher renter demand.

    • The average vacancy is 4.6% with year-on-year rental growth at 9.7%.
    • CoStar predicts that over the next 5 years, vacancy is expected to remain static at ~5% and rents are expected to increase at an average of 5.76% per year.

  • Job demand drivers in very close proximity to the property include American Airlines' corporate HQ and DFW Airport, with these two companies alone employing more than 240k people. The Great Southwest Industrial District, which totals over 110M SF of industrial space and includes companies such as Cintas and Bell Textron, provides abundant job opportunities. The amount of quality employers in the submarket where the property is located have spurred population growth of 118k in 2020 alone, which was the largest population gain in the U.S. for the year.

  • Headquartered in Texas, the sponsor, InterCapital Group, was founded in 2010 as an investment management firm focused on the acquisition and repositioning of multi-family assets in the U.S., primarily operating in Texas. InterCapital Group is a full-service vertically integrated investment firm with property and construction management services provided by its affiliate, Dayrise Residential.

    \ Since inception, the firm has acquired over 100 assets totaling ~40k apartment units, and has realized investments on 43 assets with an average gross IRR of 24%. Its current portfolio consists of ~19k units with a total value of ~$3B. InterCapital owns 24 multi-family assets in Texas, totalling over 8.3k units, with 14 properties (~5.2k units) specifically in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Please refer to the Investment Memorandum in the Documents section for more details about this offering.

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