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NYC Times Square Hotel Construction Financing

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Accepting $20,000 - $250,000 investments


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Important Note

The deal is structured as an Opco / Holdco structure, wherein the source of funds of the Opco loan is originating from a $62.5M Holdco loan and a $187.5M senior loan from a financial institution (the “Leverage Provider”). YieldStreet has a membership interest in the Holdco loan lending entity, which in effect, allows YieldStreet to indirectly participate in the economics of the Opco loan. As a result of the deal structure described above, the Holdco loan – which is the loan that YieldStreet has membership interests in – is in a junior position to the Opco loan. Although the $250M loan has a delayed draw mechanism with $120M drawn at closing and the remaining $130M expected to be drawn in increments starting in January 2021, YieldStreet’s $7M hold is expected to remain constant throughout the life of the loan. The Holdco Loan will have an initial term of 36 months, but with two one-year extension options that can be exercised if certain credit metrics are met. If both extension options were to be exercised, the Holdco Loan would have a maximum maturity date of 1/1/2025.


Prime Location
Collateral Coverage
Large Equity Check
Sponsor Experience
Personal Guarantees
Originator Experience
  • The Property is located in Times Square Manhattan, which had more than 70,000,000 visitors in 2019, is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, and has close access to various methods of transportation.

  • The loan represents 43.5% of the “As-Complete” value and 39.2% of the “As-Stabilized” value of the Property. The value of the Properties would have to decrease 56.5% from its “When-Complete” value and 60.8% from its “As-Stabilized” value before the loan amount would exceed the value of the collateral securing it.

  • Once fully funded, the Sponsor is expected to have put in a total of $81.7M of equity into this construction project, which will further align the interests of the Sponsor and Lenders.

  • The Sponsor has over 30 years of experience in the hotel industry and has developed more than 75 properties over his career. The Sponsor reported a cumulative net worth of $824.8M.

  • The loan has personal guarantees from the Sponsor for payment of completion costs and carry costs.

  • The Originator has closed more than 320 real estate bridge loans since its inception in 2013 worth almost $2BN, with a default rate of less than 1.0%.


Please refer the Series Note Supplement in the Resources section for more details about this offering.

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Subordinated Position Risk

Upon an event of default, the Leverage Provider is entitled to receive principal and interest payments in full prior to YieldStreet’s receipt of any payments.

Default Risk

The Borrower may default on its financial obligations.

Construction Risk

The Construction process may end up being delayed or requiring more funds than anticipated.

Early Prepayment Risk

The Sponsor may repay the Loan much earlier than anticipated, affecting investors’ yields.

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January 1, 2023


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