Invest in crypto — the smart, safe, and savvy way

Cryptocurrency has changed the world— and delivered crypto investors strong returns. Buying crypto can offer investors decentralized havens for capital, free from third party or government interference plus the potential to see higher investment returns. It may be time to add unique crypto exposure to your investment portfolio on Yieldstreet.

1,000,000%+ investment returns

Top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have delivered over 1,000,000% returns since inception. Retail investors of all stripes have built cryptocurrency portfolios through popular crypto apps like Coinbase and the Cash App, and have watched their portfolios sing. The crypto market has generated an enormous amount of value for a wide variety of investor profiles all across the globe.

Farmers in Africa⁹, migrant workers in Latin America¹⁰ Backpackers, finance execs on Wall Street, and tech execs in Silicon Valley have all seen strong returns thanks to crypto buying power. If you haven’t invested in crypto— you may wish you had.

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