Quality is an Investment Into the Future

Success can be  found at the intersection of passion, purpose, and persistence. In this bonus episode of The Yield, Joseph Sancio is joined by urban clothing brand GOSN founder Taylor Goson for a conversation about fashion as a form of art.  They discuss starting a business during the pandemic, the role that passion plays in success, and the right time to start investing in yourself (no surprises- it’s right now).

Key Takeaways:

[1:05] Taylor’s journey around the country and into the fashion industry.

[6:40] Passion for the product can make all the difference in success. 

[10:00] The evolving message of the GOSN brand. 

[14:05] What will you find at the intersection of Yieldstreet and GOSN?

[17:10] Surviving as a small business in NYC during the pandemic. 

[24:11] When is the right time to start investing in yourself? 

[28:00] Taylor’s favorite play investment and crypto accounts. 

[33:10] NFTs, hype projects and investing in art. 

[45:20] Where to find GOSN and Taylor online.

From phone book salesman to passionate business owner, designer and investor, Taylor’s journey into the fashion industry was not a direct or simple one. With minimal finance experience and more fashion sense than business sense, Taylor took the leap from snowboarding in the mountains of Salt Lake City into New York City, the fashion capital of the world. And while he certainly didn’t experience immediate success, he did possess the one thing that made all the difference- a passion for his new clothing line.  What started out as a dream quickly evolved into the minimal and utilitarian style that is GOSN, and the high integrity and passion that Taylor has for his company is a perfect complement to the high integrity and passion that Yieldstreet is always aiming for as well.  A collaboration between the two companies was the perfect way to bridge the gap. 

Yieldstreet is definitely not a stuffy bank, and it’s not exactly an edgy fintech company.  Rather, Yieldstreet is the fintech company that the market needs today.  And with the expert vision of GOSN, we now have the brand identity gear to match. Partnering with small businesses and upstarts with passion and vision is just a part of what inspires the work that we do here at Yieldstreet. 

But what happens when an up and coming fashion label hits their stride in 2019? With the pandemic threatening to erase all of the hard work that went into creating GOSN, Taylor was forced to cut his losses and reimagine what a fashion line would look like in a world that was in lockdown.  With a few quick pivots, he was able to keep GOSN open throughout the worst of the lockdown and the brand has only continued to take off since then.

A self-proclaimed late bloomer in investing, Taylor shared  advice about getting into the investing world.  During the lockdown he finally had time to take a good look at his accounts, and, realizing that he didn’t have any investments, knew it was time to make a change.  By doing his homework and getting educated about his options, Taylor started diversifying his portfolio by investing in a variety of options, from more volatile companies to crypto to long term, safer investments. As he puts it, you can’t exactly stake your worth in a business checking account, so the time to start investing is now. 

Finally, Taylor and Joseph discuss three key takeaways about NFTs and investing in the art space.  First, supporting friends and local businesses can be  key to any investment strategy. Second, NFTs are fascinating and the market is continuing to grow within the metaverse.  And third, the potential value of any piece you purchase should be secondary to the connection or attachment that you feel to the piece and it’s origin story.  That way, regardless of whether the piece is some day worth billions or nothing at all, it will still hold value to you. 

For so many investors, passion is at the center of investing, whether it’s in stocks, bonds, real estate, or art.  They learn about it and they love investing in it. They’re connected to their projects, and it means something to them. Our aim at Yieldstreet is to help you find that level of connection.  Learn more about our offerings by visiting www.yieldstreet.com today. 

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