Turnkey Real Estate with Marco Santarelli

Marco Santarelli, investor, author and founder of Norada Real Estate joins The Yield this week to talk about the current state of the real estate market, what’s causing the ups and downs, and where you can find the best opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

[3:28] Overcoming the educational gaps in today’s real estate investment market. 

[7:34] Why should real estate be a part of your investment portfolio?

[14:46] Marco’s formula for real estate investing.

[23:12] Looking five years ahead to future opportunities in the real estate market.

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Marco bought his first real estate investment property at age 18 and has focused his entrepreneurial mindset on building wealth through real estate investments and educating others to do the same ever since. In today’s prohibitive market, many people are facing serious obstacles when it comes to investing in real estate, starting with a lack of education.  Marco argues that ignorance is expensive, and what you don’t know about investing is costing you time, money, and opportunity. It is only by becoming a dedicated student of whatever it is that interests you, including real estate or other alternative investing, that you will begin to excel in your journey.

It is impossible to invest successfully in anything unless you have a good understanding of what it is you’re investing in. But by asking the right questions and becoming a perpetual student, you can begin to close the gap of financial education. 

But why should real estate be a part of your investment portfolio?  Marco shares key considerations for people who are thinking about building real estate into their investments, including the simplicity of getting involved in the market and the benefits that real estate can have in building your wealth legacy for future generations. Many people who build financial freedom for themselves do it solely through real estate investments, and what Marco loves most about real estate investments is that it creates passive income that allows investors to build wealth over time, offers tremendous tax benefits, and allows you to use OPM (other people’s money) to make acquisitions and leverage your investment capital. 

Marco offers a variety of ways that people can get involved in real estate investing beyond owning your own home, from investing in real estate investment trusts and other Wall Street based investments to becoming a direct investor through syndication to becoming a direct owner yourself. Marco reveals his formula for creating wealth through real estate investments and highlights some of his 10 rules for successful real estate investing, including characteristics of markets that are worth investing in. 

There has been a cooling off in the real estate market over the last six months, as well as a significant spike in interest rates, both of which have created an unusual market for real estate investors to get involved in. Marco shares his view of what this means for real estate investors today, and makes his predictions about what the real estate market will look like in five years. 
Marco is bullish on real estate because it’s an investment market class that has done incredibly well for him and for millions of people around the country and the world.  To learn more about the role that real estate investing can play in your alternative investments portfolio, visit www.yieldstreet.com today.

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