Trends in Pandemic Consumer Lending

April 7, 20211 min read
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The pandemic has had an unexpected impact on subprime borrowers’ performance, and the lending market has continually adjusted as a result.  In today’s episode, Yieldstreet Private Business Credit Head of Underwriting Barbara Anderson and William Price, Executive Director at Hilco Global, take a deep dive into the potentially long-lasting impact of the pandemic on the consumer finance lending market. 

Key Takeaways:

[3:11] Defining subprime borrowers and assessing the key metrics of their portfolios. 

[7:48] Performance differences between subprime secured and unsecured lending. 

[10:36] The unexpected impact of the pandemic on subprime borrowers’ performance. 

[14:51] Will the consumer cash high sustain or wear off in 2021? 

[18:36] The long-lasting impact of the pandemic on store-based retailers.

[20:33] Current trends in store-based consumer finance companies. 

[23:36] Fraud prevention in online lenders versus in-person lenders. 

[23:57] Who enforces lender compliance and consistency with their own rules?

[26:17] The importance of strategically adjusting the online lenders’ requirements that generate volume. 

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