The Evolving Art World: Nurturing Artistic Exploration

November 3, 20202 min read
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In this webinar, Yieldstreet x Athena Art Finance’s Naomi Baigell – Managing Director of  Marketing & Client Relationships, Vajra Kingsley – Co-Founder of Good Lamp Group, and Christian Luiten – Founder of Avant Arte, discuss how individuals within the art community are creating diversity in revenue streams for artists. 

Vajra and Christian are pioneers reshaping the art world in their own image with the best interests of the next generation of artists and collectors at the forefront. Vajra co-founded Good Lamp Group which exists to establish a thriving ecosystem for artists co-executing their mission to create dynamic discourse within the fine art world. Their mission is to define, cultivate, and elevate an artist, institution, and cultural narrative. Committed to a bespoke philosophy for every partnership, the team at Good Lamp Group develops custom master plans in collaboration with its clients specifically tailored to their needs. Their goal is to support their unique unbounded vision, cultural narrative, and identity to actualize key positioning for long lasting business models, integrated value for market sustainability, and historical legacy.

Where Vajra is focused on empowering the next generation of artists, Christian sets his sights on collectors. In 2015, he founded Avant Arte, an online platform for next gen collectors that has 2M+ followers on Instagram. Its goal is to help make great art radically more accessible for their generation. International media reports refer to Avant Arte as “one of the most influential online art blogs” and Christian was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list last year.

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