Private Business Credit: Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Heading

January 19, 20212 min read
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On today’s episode, the Yieldstreet Private Business Credit team takes a deep dive into the lessons learned in 2020 and the opportunities the team is exploring in the year ahead. Melanie Alese, Investor Relations Lead at Yieldstreet, hosts Larry Curran and Barbara Anderson for a deep dive discussion on where PBC has been and where it is headed in the new year.  The team touches on their journey over the last 6 months since joining Yieldstreet and then turns their attention toward the new year, focusing on what opportunities lie ahead.

Key Takeaways:

[2:05] The key elements of the Private Business Credit setup that help promote growth even in a chaotic environment. 

[5:59] Opportunities that have successfully launched on the Private Business Credit platform. 

[11:07] Offerings that are currently open and accepting investor requests.

[11:33] Looking ahead to the next operating steps and potential opportunities in 2021.

[16:06] What are the average factoring lending rates within supply chain financing investment? 

[19:03] Will the high dollar deals with supply chain financing continue into 2021? 

[22:30] What are the traditional risks in supply chain financing that can lead to less than forecasted returns? 

[25:50] Drivers that have the potential to result in missed targeted return. 

[27:06] Are the buyers in supply chain finance expected to enter into another agreement with Yieldstreet? 

[27:43] Opportunities that investors can expect to see within alternative investments in 2021.

[29:26] Companies exhibiting growth will be the main focus for the Private Business Credit platform.

[31:28] How has the pandemic changed underwriting and investment parameters? 

[32:50] Growth plans for the asset class at Yieldstreet and expectations for the potentially growing team’s future.

[37:05] Are restaurants a good candidate for the Private Business Credit platform? 

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