Good Business is Art

January 27, 20212 min read
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Join the Yieldstreet x Athena Art Finance team as they cover a variety of topics, including a deep dive into auction insights and a post sales recap from December 2020.  Giovanna Quattrone, Art Research & Valuation Specialist, and Cynthia Sachs, MD/CIO of Art Finance, discuss the potential impact of the economy and the new administration on the art business, recent changes in art trends that could affect Athena’s business, and what lies ahead in the art lending industry.

Key Takeaways:

[2:59] The potential impact on the new presidential economic policies on the art lending markets.

[6:40] The limited impact that increasing interest in emerging artists has on Athena. 

[9:06] Potential side effects of the minority and female artist resurgence.

[11:00] A comparison of in-person and online auction sales on the 2021 sales market.

[13:20] Auction insights and a post sales recap of 2020 data findings. 

[22:32] Why does micro- and macro-level market data matter at Athena?

[24:35] Analyzing performance versus estimates and what it means in the underwriting process.

[26:56] What is the incentive for the auction houses to hold sales so close together? 

[28:46] The effect that auction guarantees have on the market value of artwork.

[31:00] Athena’s scoring methodology as it influences underwriting and determining risk. 

[34:26] The most important factors when analyzing and individually scoring artworks. 

[36:05] Does Athena consider what the money lending against artwork is used for?

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