Construction Lending — What You Need to Know

May 19, 20211 min read
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In this episode, Senior Director of Real Estate at Yieldstreet, Mitch Rosen, is joined by Paul Rahimian, Founder and CEO of Parkview Financial, to discuss the state of the construction lending market. Paul manages a national debt fund that provides construction financing to ground-up real estate development projects.

Key Takeaways:

[2:06] Pivoting from commercial real estate development into the lending space. 

[3:34] Evolution of the construction lending marketplace.

[6:07] Construction lending opportunities that emerged in the face of the pandemic.

[10:05] The timing game that makes CRE such a unique investment opportunity.

[11:50] How valuable is totality in managing company exposure?

[14:50] The fundamental difference between banks and private lenders in the construction lending space.

[15:40] Distressed fund opportunities that were never realized in 2020, and where that money is going instead.

[19:34] Key evaluation considerations for new construction projects.

[23:04] The impact of the pandemic on future CRE opportunities — and careers. 

[26:50] What are the implications of tax laws in major states when deploying capital?

[31:27] Taking a national approach to construction lending.

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