A Conversation with Marc Lasry on Distressed Investing

May 25, 20212 min read
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What is distressed investing, and how does it work as a financial strategy?  On this episode Yieldstreet President, CIO & Co-Founder Michael Weisz is joined by Marc Lasry, CEO & Co-Founder of Avenue Capital Group and co-owner of the NBA Milwaukee Bucks for a discussion on distressed investing and where opportunities for distressed investing may exist.

Key Takeaways:

[1:52] An introduction of Marc Lasry, some of his favorite global investment opportunities and his role at Avenue Capital Group. 

[4:58] What is distressed investing and why is it so exciting in today’s market? 

[9:07] Examples of recent high yield distressed investing opportunities. 

[14:02] Understanding the definition of distressed investing in layman’s terms. 

[16:32] Potential outcomes of distressed investing from a risk perspective and how global reach drives value. 

[21:02] Marc reveals the source of his fascination with Superman and how it helped drive his success. 

[22:44] Insights into where to focus in this market and what distressed investing might look like as we emerge from the pandemic. 

[29:23] The importance of global reach and domain expertise in the distressed market investing. 

[33:34] Transitioning from practicing law into the investment business. 

[35:05] Lessons learned from unsuccessful deals and the differences between perceived and real risk. 

[40:39] Getting started — advice for an individual investor regarding startup capital.

[41:52] The connection between rebounds in the Milwaukee Bucks and in distressed investing. 

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