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It’s hard to believe that Yieldstreet started just 5 years ago. In that time, our investors have earned over $100 million in interest – we have always focused on delivering category-creating, income-generating opportunities. As we continue to expand our offering across the yield and risk spectrums, our commitment to being investor-first and providing you with access to our ecosystem of opportunities continues to grow. With this in mind, it’s time for the Yieldstreet brand to accurately reflect the grandness of our plans for today and for the future. It’s time for our brand to match our ambitions. However, the following will always remain true:

Introducing the new Yieldstreet:

Why does our new brand make sense now?

Over the past 30 years, our relationship with money has changed dramatically.  For most, the days where individuals held the same job for 40+ years and retired comfortably thanks to a pension and a low cost of living are long gone. Just as importantly, managing and growing your money has historically involved an advisor, middleman or multiple financial institutions. These additional steps often slowed down the process of putting your capital to work. Many investors viewed their money as an untouchable resource that they couldn’t interact with until retirement. Today, you demand more control, quicker access and greater transparency. Money is no longer a thing to wait for, but something to engage with at any time. You invest with Yieldstreet because you understand that your capital is no longer a static asset but is dynamic in how you engage with it every day. You are aware of how your investments are benefitting you today, not years from now. We live in a rapidly changing world, expect the same thing out of your investments. As Yieldstreet continues to expand beyond single investment offerings, we are evolving and growing to provide you with multiple income-generating investment opportunities. Think of us as the fuel for your Ambition Engine: Learn more about our Innovation Timeline here.
With this, at Yieldstreet we want to help you realize your next level – no matter where you start. We believe in shooting for the stars and taking meaningful strides towards realizing your ambitions; whether that is starting your own business, following a passion or working through some of the world’s most challenging issues.


You understand that through Yieldstreet’s investment opportunities, you can take your ambitions to the next level. Yieldstreet’s goal is to be the financial fuel for your ambition engine.
Through our continued release of new and exciting investing products, Yieldstreet has been leading the charge to deliver the access that you’ve been denied, and we will continue to do so as we grow. We will continue to be fully focused on you, our Members and Originators.
As you can see, we’ve changed many elements throughout our new look and feel, including modernizing our wordmark. One thing that hasn’t changed in our new look is our logo. Our logo represents the symbiotic relationship of the Impala and Oxpecker, both help each other in a win-win ecosystem, the same way we see our investors and originators generating an advantage in the Yieldstreet ecosystem. If you’d like to learn more about our Vision, including our manifesto, please click here. You can also checkout our brand new office here.
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What investors are saying about Yieldstreet

Apr 2022

The due diligence, risk management, and product education materials are thorough, excellent, and easy to use and understand.

Manoj J
Member since 2019
Apr 2022

Excellent and unique selections that I can't find elsewhere.

Jonathan S
Member since 2019
Apr 2022

The platform delivers in a very concise manner. Easy to get a clear understanding at a glance from the web or mobile app.

Tim S
Member since 2021
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